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NO up-front fees!
Deliver in your spare time, on your way to and from work.
Some earn during their lunch time!
Earn 80% of all net proceeds!

Choose Your Time

With our easy to use web application, you will know exactly when pick-ups are required.

No pressures or requirements. Once you accept an order, you simply deliver it.

Best in-class

You retain 80% of all net-proceeds.

For example, if the net-proceeds of a pick-up and drop-off are R100.00, you will retain R80.00.
Akeldnok Cares

Maximize Your Earnings

Our market-leading courier prices do not hamper driver earnings. 

The more pick-ups you take, the more you earn. Simply watch your screen for orders in your vicinity.

Partners are our most valuable assets.

Akeldnok Partners 

Why Akeldnok Partners?

Akeldnok Partners is our vast partner program for car owners to earn measurable and tangible additional income. Built on the premise of maximized earnings, convenience and security, the quickest way to earn while you earn with your car.  

No passengers. No cash. You choose which orders to take and which orders to leave.

AkeldNok Partners turns your time from a liability to an asset. Use your time without losing time. Earn by just driving to and from work.

A life well-lived begins with opportunities well-taken. Akeldnok Partners provides you this limited opportunity to become one of our select few partners. Join Akeldnok Partners today.

To become an Akeldnok Partner, simply send us an email on with the required documents and sign-up on the form below.

As a registered entity, we are required to vet all our partners for the security of our clients and transit parcels.

Akeldnok, through its service providers will make standard background checks on all applicants which include ID, Drivers Licence and Criminal Checks.


A clean and roadworthy vehicle. Preferably a 2010 model or later.
Copy of Identification Document (RSA)
Copy of Passport (Foreign Nationals)
Copy of Drivers Licence
Proof of Residence (not older than 3 months)
A non-smiling "selfie" with a white background.


Basics - Make Money

An algorithm drivern courier services that brings clients to you. No calling, advertising or marketing. Simple pick-up and drop.

Mobile Friendly

Best in its class technology that is in the palm of your hand. Akeldnok partners connects you to the clients in the courier industry directly via your mobile.


Get a daily summary of your drop-offs and pick-ups in one place or two. Our platform allows you to track your progress on handhelds and PCs.

How to become an Akeldnok Partner

It's very simple. Have your FICA, Vehicle and Licence details ready



Use the sign-up form below and send your FICA documents to us.

We would like to know our partners.

In this e-mail kindly attach copies of your ID, clear shoulder-length "selfie" and Drivers Licence.

Vehicle Details and Requirements:


Vehicle Make, Model and Year
Registration Number
Owner Name


Vehicles must be clean and well-maintained. 

No branding

Preferably vehicles from 2005 (exceptions can be made)


Mandatory Vetting

For your safety and the safety of our clients, all Partner Applicants are screened.

The Screening Process includes verification of ID and Drivers Licence, Criminal Checks and any other information provided by Partner Applicant for the Purposes of Akeldnok participation. Kindly ensure all information provided is verifiable.

The information provided to us by you will not be shared with any 3rd party unless such 3rd party is conducting the verification checks as and when requested.

By submitting your application, you are allowing Akeldnok and its owners to do the necessary checks as stated above.

Reminder: Your e-mail is to be directed to


Sign-Up Fees

All Akeldnok Partners are required to pay a R699 fee. This is NOT an upfront fee. This fee will be deducted off your earnings over the first accrual trips. This is a once-off fee that covers the cost of Mandatory Background Checks, Training Material and Access.

Your application will allocated a reference number, which shall be used as your Partner Reference ID. All interactions and payments between ourselves and partners will be referencing this ID. Kindly check your email inbox. Do not resubmit the form.

Reminder: Your e-mail is to be directed to . Kindly use the sign-up form below to initiate your application.

We are live. Your access shall be conditional until all vetting processes have been completed.


Kindly enter ALL required details on the below form only once. SEND ALL enquiries to

Incomplete or incorrectly filled applications will be attended to last. All required documents, copy of ID, copy of drivers licence and proof of residence to be sent immediately after submitting below application.

All cities welcome.

Driver Sign up

Your Name

Your Surname

Your email

Your password

Please confirm your password

WhatsApp Number

ID Number

Home Address (Full address including street, suburb and city)

Licence Number

Car Make

Registration Number

Work Address

By submitting this information, you agree that the information is true. and its owners reserve the right to refuse participation in the Akeldnok Partner program should any informaton contained in your application be deemed untruthful, incorrect or misleading. You also agree that Akeldnok may send you Partner related information on any of the available communication channels to Akeldnok.


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Phone: +27 (0) 61 476 0137